How Do You Obtain Discount Coupons for Sky Zone?

To obtain discount coupons for Sky Zone, first search on Sky Zone's website for coupons valid at the nearest local Sky Zone Trampoline Park, then search on third-party coupon websites such as and Groupon. Sky Zone parks generally only honor local coupons meant for a specific location.

Each Sky Zone location has different requirements of customers who wish to subscribe to coupon deals directly from the company. Sky Zone's Fort Myers, Florida, location informs its customers that they can receive free coupons and discounts via telephone by sending a text message. In contrast, the company's Peoria, Illinois, location offers its customers Web coupons through an online form.

Sky Zone customers may also find discount coupons through, which regularly offers deals and coupon codes valid for the company. offers a user-submitted feedback system that lets its users determine how trustworthy any given coupon or promotional deal may be.

As of August 2015, Groupon offers a limited quantity of Sky Zone coupons that users can redeem for a 50 percent discount by signing up through the website. The four different discount options that Groupon offers are only valid at one of two Sky Zone locations in Southern California. The website features a user-submitted recommendation system as well as commentary.