How Do You Obtain Coupons for ICaps?


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As of 2015, coupons for ICAPS eye vitamins can be obtained online by going to the ICAPS Vitamins website, clicking the coupon link and registering with EyeFile.com, notes the company's official website, ICAPSVitamins.com. Customers who register with EyeFile.com are added to an email list to receive personalized and exclusive coupons. EyeFile.com also maintains an updated list of special offers on its website.

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Use the steps below to obtain coupons for ICAPS eye vitamins.

  1. Go to the website
  2. Go to ICAPSVitamins.com and click on the Download a Coupon link in the center of the screen to be taken to the EyeFile.com offer page.

  3. Complete step one
  4. Click on Join EyeFile. Complete the required fields, adding information such as a name, address, birth month and year, login name and password. Only U.S. residents may join as of 2015. Click on the check box next to the text that reads, "Yes, I’d like to receive email communications from EyeFile System," and then click Next Step.

  5. Complete the next steps
  6. Complete steps two and three on the page and submit the registration to join EyeFile and receive an ICAPS coupon.

Customers who want to obtain ICAPS coupons without registering at EyeFile.com can search general coupon sites such as Coupons.com and MoneySavingMom.com, notes Today.com. Go to the coupon site and enter "ICAPS" into the search box provided.

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