What Is the NYSE Stock Index?


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The NYSE Composite index is the stock market index that represents all of the stock listed on the New York Stock Exchange. It includes over 2,000 stocks, such as real estate investment trusts, depositary receipts, tracking stocks and foreign listings.

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The NYSE Composite Index serves as a general indicator of the performance of the NYSE as a whole. Stocks that are excluded from the index include limited partnerships, ETFs, derivatives and closed-end funds.

The vast majority of stocks listed on the NYSE originate from United States companies, but some of the largest companies listed on the index are foreign. Large foreign companies are represented in all 10 categories of the Industry Classification Benchmark, including oil and gas and materials companies. Most foreign issuers on the index are from Canada, China, Japan, Mexico and the United Kingdom. There are separate indexes for financial, utility, transportation and industrial companies listed on the NYSE.

The index was originally issued in 1965 and had an original value of 50 points. In 2003 it was reset to a value of 5,000 points. As of March 2015, the record closing high for the index was 10,406.77 on December 31. The record closing low was 347.77 in October of 1974.

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