What Is the NYRA Rewards Program?

The NYRA rewards program is a program that allows members to earn rewards when placing bets on NYRA races. Members of the NYRA rewards program receive one point for each dollar that is waged on a NYRA race. Half a point is awarded for bets placed on non-NYRA races.

Consumers have four options to apply for the NYRA rewards program. The first is through the Instant Sign-Up option available online. Consumers can also apply via fax or mail, or at Customer Service Booths located at the race track. Members can then call the NYRA at the toll-free number to place a wager though a live operator, via touch tone or voice recognition.

There are nine different rewards levels for the NYRA rewards program. The base level, bronze, begins at 2,000 points. Members can then advance to Bronze Plus, Silver, Silver Plus, Gold and Gold Plus. Platinum status is reached at 150,000 points, while Platinum Plus requires 300,000 points. The final rewards level is Diamond, requiring 500,000 points.

The NYRA rewards program is based in New York; however, consumers outside of the state can join the program as long as their state of residence allows advance deposit wagering accounts. Out of state members are limited to participating in the rewards program by placing bets at the track, as phone and Internet wagering is only available to New York residents.