What Is Nursing Malpractice in the Philippines?


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Like any other country, nursing malpractice has been a concern in the Philippines as many of their nurses are usually required to pay huge damages. Medical malpractice is basically defined as an act of omission or commission of duty by the nurse. Nurses need malpractice insurance to help cover court costs and other expenses if they are accused of malpractice. Most places of employment require nurses to have malpractice insurance.

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The nursing profession in the Philippines has a distinct identity and is a very intricate profession. It has a code of ethics and accountability for its conduct and responsibilities. Many patients have benefited from the work of registered nurses in the Philippines, but many also are counting the costs of nurse malpractice.

The Philippine penal code protects patients against any incompetence or negligence by physicians and nurses. In addition the Philippine Nursing Act of 2002 also ensures the provision of basic health services through competent nursing personnel. To avoid any medical malpractice, a newly registered nurse should be fully aware of the aforementioned Act and the policies, regulations and guidelines of the Philippine Nurses Association. Both of these highlight the fundamental duties and responsibilities to legally practice nursing in Philippines.

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