What Is "nursing Informatics"?


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Nursing informatics refers to a specialty that integrates information science, computer science and nursing science to manage and relay information, knowledge, wisdom and data in nursing practice. This specialty helps nurses, consumers and patients to make sound decisions in every role and setting.

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Nursing informatics seeks to find ways of improving information management and communication in the nursing field. This is because healthcare providers must communicate effectively if they are to provide quality care to patients. Through this area of expertise, players in the nursing industry are able to improve efficiency in the quality of patient care and reduce costs.

Primarily, nurses communicate through the notes they write on a patient’s chart. Nursing infomatics aims to improve speed, accuracy and timeliness of patient charting. Nurses no longer need to hand-write notes on each patient’s chart. Advanced technology enables nurses to record notes in real time. This is accomplished with voice recognition tools, handheld devices and computers. Having access to up-to-date and complete patient notes enables healthcare providers make informed decisions about patients.

One of the primary emphases of nursing informatics is documentation. Nursing informatics finds ways of simplifying and enhancing documentation using improved computer and information technologies. This field of study designs and implements efficient systems that eliminates unnecessary work and enhances accuracy.

Nurse informaticists work in healthcare facilities and consulting firms. They may also work in corporations and universities that develop healthcare information systems. Some of the titles include director of clinical informatics, informatics nurse specialist or clinical analyst.

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