What Is a Nurse Technician?

nurse-technician Credit: Paul Bradbury/Caiaimage/Getty Images

Education Portal explains that a nurse technician is typically a student in a licensed practical nursing or registered nursing program who is working under the supervision of a registered nurse or doctor. Typically reserved for nursing students or recent graduates of nursing programs, a nurse technician position allows students to gain practical experience while completing their program or preparing for their licensing exams.

Nurse technicians provide basic patient care, such as recording vital signs, taking medical histories and reporting changes to the supervising staff, according to Education Portal. Nurse technicians also escort patients to exam rooms or surgery. Varying based on state regulations, nurse technicians may also administer prescribed medications, assist doctors during examination and treatment, and collect and label lab specimens.

Requirements for nurse technician positions vary from state to state, but most at least require the completion of introductory nursing courses, according to Education Portal. Most nurse technician positions have varying requirements that include the necessity to report current grade point averages for coursework, earn state licensing within a certain time period and to subsequently advance into other positions within the organization. Additional common requirements for nurse technicians include certification in CPR, basic life support training and a background check.