What Is a Nurse Navigator Certification?


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A nurse navigator certification qualifies the applicant for the role of nurse navigator, which is a position where the nurse works closely with patients under the supervision of a physician or provides administrative services inside a facility, according to EducationRequirements.org. Nurse navigators schedule appointments, assign doctors to patients and undertake various other activities in health care settings. Essentially, the nurse navigator is a part of the team that helps the patient navigate the health care system.

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Candidates for nurse navigator positions should have a minimum of a bachelor's degree in nursing studies and attain good grades during college, notes EducationRequirements.org. The candidate should also have worked for two or three years as a nurse and possess good administrative skills. Master's degree candidates with some experience in nursing home settings, pharmacies or other health care roles are ideal for the job.

Requirements for the job of nurse navigator include communicating patients' details to doctors, showing empathy and compassion for the patient and providing care in a variety of settings. The nurse navigator associates the right patient with the right medical personnel, helping the patient find his way through the medical system. The navigator may also schedule surgeries, treatments, tests and exams to coordinate a patient's care.

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