How Do Nurse Aides Renew Their Registration.?

How Do Nurse Aides Renew Their Registration.?

A nurse aid renews her registration online after accomplishing qualified work experience. To renew the registration online, she must do so prior to expiration. If the registration has lapsed, she must complete a paper form.

A nurse aid renew her registration by demonstrating that she has worked for at least eight hours in a nursing home or a similar setting during her 24-month listing period. She must also show that she received monetary compensation for her work and that she fulfilled duties related to the items that appear on the Board of Nursing Nurse Aide I task list.

The aid must also show that a registered nurse supervised her duties. The registry mails the renewal forms to the eligible nurse aid 90 days before the listing expires. It is the nurse aid’s responsibility to report name and address changes immediately. A nurse aid also needs to contact the registry if she does not receive her renewal forms on time. She has to report the employment on the renewal form. A nurse aid cannot renew her registration by providing a copy of her W-2 form. The aid and supervising registered nurse must fill out and sign the form to fulfill this requirement.

The registry renews the nurse aid's registration upon receipt of the paperwork. The renewal is valid for 24 months, starting from the last qualified work month.

Nurse aids who have not fulfilled the work requirement have to pass a competency test.