How Do You Get Nuga Best Products in the USA?


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Nuga Best products can be purchased online through certified distributors and the manufacturer. For instance, MassageTrust.net is an online vendor. Furthermore, new or used models can be purchased through third party sites, such as OLX.com.

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Founded in Seoul, South Korea, Nuga Best is a manufacturer of health-enhancing products, such as therapeutic massagers, watches and pillows. The massagers, often in the form of beds, combine the chiropractic elements of acupressure, light therapy and technology to promote overall wellbeing. For instance, one of Nuga Best’s models, NM-7000 offers height adjustment, a ceramic heated mat, a temperature panel, internal and external projectors, among other features, which provide every individual user with light pressure and a heated massage. Additionally, the company also manufactures other products, like wristwatches, which are intended to boost the health of the wearer through the effects of Tourmanium.

The manufacturer works with several suppliers and offers the opportunity to become a vendor of the products in the United States through an application available on their site, through the Nuga Best INTERNATIONAL program. To operate a Nuga Best product in the United States, it must be purchased through a domestic carrier; otherwise, the electricity conversions will not allow it to operate properly and the product will not have a warranty.

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