How Do You Now What Your Medicare Number Is?

To determine your Medicare number, locate the series of numbers and letters listed after Medicare Claim Number on your Medicare Health Insurance Card, according to The Medicare number is typically very close to or exactly the same as your Social Security number, states My Medicare Matters.

Social Security mails the Medicare card to you, states My Medicare Matters. Other information available on the Medicare card includes your name, the effective date coverage begins, a phone number for Medicare, and what coverage you have, such as Part A and Part B coverage. Like a credit card or Social Security number, it is important not to divulge a Medicare card number to anyone, in order to prevent fraud and to protect your personal information. There is a separate membership card for Part C and D Medicare plans and for Medicaid.

Medicare Part A covers hospital and nursing care facility stays, as well as hospice care, while Part B is medical insurance covering doctor's office visits, preventative services, medical supplies and outpatient services, reports Calling the number on your Medicare card provides further information on what your Medicare plan covers. There is generally no premium for Part A coverage, but Part B coverage typically requires paying a premium based on your income.