What Are Some Notable Career Training Programs?

What Are Some Notable Career Training Programs?

Notable career training programs include health care, legal and business. Hospitality and tourism management, as well as cooking are examples of other notable career training programs.

Health care is a notable career training program because the demand for health care services is expected to grow, as of 2015. Individuals can train to become dental assistants, nurses, medical assistants or pharmacy technicians.

Legal programs are notable and prepare students to work in law offices that specialize in various areas including family law, contract law and patent law.

Business career training programs help students acquire the skills and knowledge they need to work as customer service representatives, bookkeepers or administrative assistants.

People who are interested in working in the hospitality and tourism industry can participate in hospitality and tourism management programs.

Those who seek to work as chefs can earn a culinary arts certificate by completing a cooking program.