What Are Some Notable Businesses on the Internet 800 Directory?


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Large retailers such as Petsmart, Banana Republic and Pottery Barn have their toll-free numbers on Inter800.com, an Internet 800 directory. The website displays both the toll-free number and the location of the business.

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The consumer can search by keyword and state to find a business's toll-free telephone number. Companies with toll-free numbers can register that number with Inter800.com to receive a free listing. If a business wants a toll-free number, this directory also contains a link to Freedom800, an online business that provides toll-free telephone numbers.

Another toll-free directory, 800-numbers.net, has a complete list of its toll-free numbers. This directory has many phone numbers for many travel-related companies, including Hertz, Holiday Inn and Princess Cruises. Each business has its own page on the website that not only includes all of the business's toll-free phone numbers, but also the purpose of each number. For example, Princess Cruises has three phone numbers in this directory, one for booking a cruise, one to make an emergency call directly to a ship and one for booking a group.

Toll-free numbers are popular with all types of companies particularly for customer service and sales purposes because making a call to a toll-free number is free for the consumer. As of 2015, all toll-free numbers begin with either 800, 888, 877, 866, 855 or 844. Each number is unique, meaning they are routed to a specific telephone line, and the beginning three digits are not interchangeable.

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