What Are Some Non-Medical Jobs in a Hospital?

Non-medical jobs in hospitals include health care administrator, health care actuary, medical equipment technician and health educator. An individual with a degree in social work may enjoy work as a medical social worker, even though the job may come with a high turnover rate.

Health care administrators handle management and leadership within various health care systems. An administrator may be put in charge of an entire facility or a single department. Applicants usually need either a master's or doctoral degree in order to qualify for a position.

A health care actuary works with self-insured medical groups and insurance companies deciding on prices for insurance plans. Actuaries also analyze and mitigate financial risks. An individual needs a bachelor's degree and proper experience to qualify for a position. Actuaries also usually have to pass examinations to be considered for a job.

Medical equipment technicians service, test and repair medical equipment in private practices and hospitals. An individual can earn an associate's degree to qualify for jobs or receive on-the-job training.

A health educator helps individuals and communities improve their health and avoid illness. Health educators are most often employed in hospitals, community centers and schools. As of 2014, an individual needs to earn a bachelor's degree for an entry-level health educator position and a doctoral or master's degree for a federal or state position.