What Is a Nightclub Mission Statement?


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A mission statement for a nightclub is a short statement, consisting of three or four sentences, about the goals of the business and the philosophy of the owners. The statement should target the club's primary customers and the services it provides them. It is made available for employees and the public to view.

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The club owner should create a niche for the club to differentiate it from competitors, and use the mission statement to highlight the niche the club fulfills. The niche is based on a special service or experience the club provides its customers to keep them coming back.

To create a mission statement, one should write out a sentence that describes the purpose of the nightclub and communicates its services. If there is more than one owner, or if there is a group of managers, each individual should also write a sentence. Once this is done, the group should discuss each of the sentences and create a cohesive statement. This statement is something that can be communicated to the entire staff as the philosophy of the establishment. Over time, the statement should be revised as needed to ensure that it is relevant to the goals of the business and its growing clientele.

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