What Are Some Night-Duty Jobs?


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Some night-duty jobs include protective service, health care, air traffic control, computer operation and funeral directorship. Those who are most productive during the night can consider pursuing careers in these fields.

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What Are Some Night-Duty Jobs?
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Police officers, fire fighters, jail and prison security, and private investigators are some of the people who fall under the protective service job category. They must work around the clock to keep property and people safe. Most of these jobs require on-the-job training, though some may also require a high school diploma or college degree.

Paramedics, nurses, doctors and surgical staff work around the clock in nursing homes, hospitals and sometimes home health care. Most of these positions require specialized training because they deal with human life.

Air traffic controllers have to work at night because most control towers operate 24 hours a day. To become an air controller, the person has to undergo professional training and meet the minimum requirements set by the Federal law.

Most organizations have computer systems that run both day and night. As a result, computer operators have night-duty jobs. Their role is to keep track of the control console and act on all computer and operating messages as the computer runs.

Funeral directors work around the clock because they may have to remove remains at any time of the day or night. To become a funeral director, the person needs formal education and an operating license from the state.

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