What Are NFC Technology Stocks?


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Several companies are developing or offering near field communication, or NFC, technology such as NXP Semiconductor, Inside Secure and Broadcom, explains John Helzer for Seeking Alpha. NFC technology allows smartphones or other electronic devices to communicate by bringing the devices physically close together.

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Significant NFC chip manufacturers available for stock investors also include Texas Instruments and Qualcomm, notes Helzer. Several companies use or plan to use NFC technology, including Sony and Samsung, according to Sam Mattera for The Motley Fool. Companies such as VeriFone that use NFC technology are also likely to benefit from the growth of NFC use, says Justin Fritz for Wall Street Daily. Investors may choose a NFC stock or invest in a company partnering with NFC manufacturers.

Stocks allowing investors to benefit from NFC technology are available and may bring substantial returns as the technology grows, claims Helzer. Companies offering NFC chips typically provide their products to companies producing electronic devices and form partnerships to expand the use of the technology. Enabled devices may communicate with other devices or with systems using NFC technology, such as payment processors, allowing device users to share data. These chips use relatively little energy, operate quickly and do not require pairing the two devices.

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