How Do You Find a New Job As a Registered Nurse?


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Find a job as a registered nurse by reaching out to your network, using job search sites, broadening your search criteria and doing research. While nurses are always needed, the job market is often competitive, especially for coveted positions and locations.

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Before applying for a new nursing position, polish your nursing resume. Add new experiences or certifications. Highlight the experiences and skills that match the specific type of openings you're seeking, such as experience in a specialty area. When creating cover letters and resumes for specific jobs, double-check the details to ensure you use the correct names and addresses.

Whether you are a new nursing graduate or already working in the field, reach out to your network to find new positions. Reach out to your nursing instructors, fellow nursing grads and contacts you made during clinical experiences. These contacts may know of registered nurse openings or positions that may open soon. Having someone who knows the hiring manager refer you may earn your resume a spot at the top of the pile.

When looking for a new nursing job, expanding your search may be necessary. Instead of looking only at hospital settings, consider clinics, long-term care facilities, hospice, home health care or alternative care facilities. If moving is a possibility, expanding the geographical search area often provides more opportunities.

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