How Do You Find New Homes in Long Island, NY?


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Find new homes in Long Island, New York, on real estate listing sites such as Zillow and Redfin. Narrow your search using the filters on either site, preview property details or check for-rent properties on Zillow.

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Enter the address or ZIP code on Redfin to find properties in Long Island, New York. Select the filters tab to categorize listed homes. Choose the New Construction subcategory, or select the Year Built subcategory in the Home Facts section. Filter homes by price range, total bedrooms, lot size, square footage and building amenities included, and specify your Homeowners Association Fee preference. Sort listings by date, or view homes that feature price reductions on Redfin. You can also select homes that have a view, or schedule a house visit to verify property details by showing open houses on Redfin.

Check the New Construction category in the Property Type tab, and find new rental homes or properties for sale by owners. Sort new properties on Zillow by price and number of bedrooms, and use the More tab to fine-tune your search by square footage, total bathrooms, age of a listing and lot size. View open houses, or include pending listings to check out upcoming properties on Zillow. Use the map feature to get an overview of homes in Long Island, New York, and focus on a neighborhood you prefer. If you are looking for a house to buy, get a mortgage preapproval and find a local real estate agent on Zillow.

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