What Is a New Home Walkthrough Punch List?


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Susan Bady, writing for NewHomeSource, defines a new home walkthrough punch as a checklist of items every home buyer should compile prior to examining a new-build home during construction and review after completion prior to moving in. These items help the new home owner understand details of the home that might otherwise be missed and learn about important features like warranties and upgrade options.

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Every new home owner should have at least two walkthroughs: one during the build and prior to installation of insulation and drywall and a second before the home purchase is finalized. Each walkthrough should be scheduled for at least 90 minutes. The builder normally works with the customer to develop the new home walkthrough punch list, with both giving input.

The punchlist should include, at minimum, all home utility systems like HVACs, a review of wiring and plumbing, fixture placements and a review of all warranties and guarantees on items installed in the home. During the home buyer's first visit, he should ask questions and request changes like additional electrical outlets, noting agreed changes on the punchlist. During the final walkthrough, Hanley Woods says the home buyer should ensure that the builder made all agreed modifications and look for any flaws or problems in the home he wants addressed prior to taking ownership of the home. The builder and buyer may have additional home walkthroughs for large or complex homes.

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