How Do You Find New Home Subdivisions in Your Area?

To find new home subdivisions in an area, prospective home buyers can search through real estate or home builder sites that specialize in new-homes communities. A few online resources with this type of information include, and It is possible to search for new home communities or builders by city or state for any region of the United States, as noted by provides different ways to search for new homes such as by state or city. For example, by clicking on a particular state under the category of New Homes Construction by State, users of the site are directed to a page with cities in the state. To find a new home in a certain city, click on the city name to generate a listing of the different areas that have newly constructed homes. Information given for the listed properties includes a complete home description, photos and contact forms for the realty firm associated with the property.

At, there is a search tool with which users can enter the city or community name to find information on new homes being constructed. Some of the home builders on the site as of October 2015 include Toll Brothers, Pulte and Del Webb, as noted by Similarly, provides a map with 500 new home locations as of 2015. To narrow down the search, users can click on a particular state or use filters. By clicking on a specific red circle found on the map, a page with home descriptions and realty information is displayed.