How Do You Find New Hampshire MLS Listings? offers a free online search tool for houses listed in the ten counties of New Hampshire, and houses for sale in New Hampshire are also listed on, and As of 2015, the median housing price in New Hampshire is 11 percent above the national average according to Trulia, with the average listed price of $109,000.

The multiple listing service includes a number of different databases shared between real estate agents for the purpose of selling homes. The Internet has opened public access to many MLS databases, but information posted on the MLS is the proprietary data of the real estate agent representing a seller. Many agents publicly list the information to accelerate home sales, but not all homes are listed on the MLS.

Services such as and collect data on all homes within the United States and offer standardized summaries of the public data available for each. Zillow incorporates the public data released by the MLS into its listings., the website for the National Association of Realtors also provides homes listed for sale in New Hampshire and has a search tool for local real estate agents. The National Association of Realtors is the largest real estate trade organization in the United States with more than 1.1 million members.