How Do You Get Networks to Air Your Television Advertisements?


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Get networks to air your television commercials by first producing a commercial and then submitting it to local networks. Most television networks allow two minutes of local commercials every hour, offering more reasonable prices for small businesses.

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The first step to create a TV commercial is to storyboard it. This means drawing out the scenes of the commercial and indicating what is supposed to occur in each one. Shooting a commercial can be expensive, so it’s important to have a detailed storyboard before proceeding. If you have no experience making a commercial, it’s possible to hire someone to storyboard it and write the script. Scripting involves writing out exactly what is supposed to be said in the commercial, along with directions for close-ups, cuts and other camera work.

After devising a storyboard and script, the next step is to hire a production company to film the commercial. An experienced producer understands the standards local stations impose on commercials, as well as those for national markets if you plan to broadcast that widely. Some local TV stations can also produce commercials for a fee, ensuring they are up to network standards.

The final step after the commercial is complete is to pay for actual airtime. It’s possible to buy time on a per-station basis or pay an agency to coordinate broadcasting with multiple stations either regionally or nationally. When buying airtime, it’s important to consider the demographic you are trying to reach and choose times and channels that are the most effective at reaching that demographic.

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