How Do You Network for Business?


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A business professional networks for business by building strong, mutually beneficial relationships with his business contacts and potential clients. His business network is typically composed of people from different industries, because people from a similar industry are usually his competitors. He constantly reaches out to his contacts so as to maintain his network, and he always gives back to the people within his network.

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A business professional does not hesitate to ask for help from his contacts, especially if he has cultivated such relationships. He also knows that people in his network are inclined to say yes to his requests because he also does unrequested favors for them. If a professional loses touch with one of his contacts, he does not hesitate to rekindle the relationship by getting in touch with the person.

Shy people are advised to start small when networking, and keep doing it frequently until they are comfortable with the business networking process. It is imperative for shy people to remember that they are naturally social and that shyness is not their natural state. A shy professional should not act like an extrovert, but he should naturally voice his opinions or ask questions. Listening to other people with genuine interest is a crucial networking skill.

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