How Is a NetSpend Prepaid Debit Card Used?

A NetSpend prepaid debit card can be used to make purchases at any retail location or website where Visa or MasterCard debit cards are accepted. The NetSpend card can also be used at ATMs to withdraw cash worldwide. Due to federal regulations, purchase transactions made with the card are limited to $4,999.99 during a 24-hour period and ATM withdrawals are limited to a total of $940 each day, as stated on the NetSpend website.

The NetSpend prepaid debit card can be reloaded through a variety of methods, and was noted as the prepaid debit card with the greatest number of reload options in a review published on Purch's TopTenReviews website. The card can be loaded with no fees incurred through regular paycheck or benefits check direct deposits, or money can be loaded from the majority of bank accounts issued in the United States. In addition, federal income tax refunds can be set-up as a direct deposit into the NetSpend card account. A PayPal account can also be used to fund the card without incurring any fees.

A Reload Center locator tool on the NetSpend website lets cardholders find the closest and the lowest-fee locations where funds can be loaded onto the card. There are more than 100,000 reload locations across the U.S., as claimed on the NetSpend website.

NetSpend cards can be used to purchase gas, but the company advises that the card be swiped inside the station by a cashier to avoid a $75 dollar hold on funds that can last up to 3 days until the excess charge is released. Using the NetSpend card for car rentals and hotel reservations can result in a hold of 15 percent over the actual charged amount and may last several days.