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The Nehi Bottling Company is a soft drink company as of 2015. In 1928, the Chero-Cola/Union Bottle Works changed its name to The Nehi Corporation in honor of its popular fruit-flavored Nehi soda line. The company changed its name again in 1955 to the Royal Crown company to honor its RC Cola brand. In April 2008, the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group purchased the Nehi cola brand and continues to make and distribute these sodas throughout the United States.

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When Chero-Cola added Nehi to its soda line in 1924, the company produced numerous fruit-flavored sodas, including grape, orange and peach. These Nehi offerings became so successful that they outsold beverages in the Chero-Cola line completely, so the company changed its name in 1928 to reflect this new focus on the winning product. During the Great Depression, sales of Nehi dropped from the $3.7 million mark in 1929 to $1 million in 1930, and sales declined until 1932, which marked the only year the company ever lost money.

Company founder and president Claud A. Hatcher died on New Years Eve of 1933, leaving the Nehi Corporation in the hands of Vice President H.R. Mott, who inherited a large amount of debt. The ambitious Mott updated operations, cut expenses and sought credit extensions, taking the company out of debt within one year of his takeover. When RC Cola became the bestselling product offered by the company in 1955, the Nehi Corporation changed its name to the Royal Crown company.

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