How Do You Negotiate a Starting Salary?


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The best way to negotiate a starting salary is to have more than one offer available at a time. More than one offer allows for true understanding of the job-seeker’s worth in the market place and allows the most techniques for maximizing salary.

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Even with the ideal situation of multiple offers, a job seeker should do as much research as possible about the position for which he is applying. While information may be found online, ideally there are direct contacts in the industry the job seeker is applying to that can provide estimates for starting salary. Job seekers need to find out as much information on the responsibilities for the job and career advancement opportunities at the specific company.

A candidate should know before the negotiations begin what salary won’t work, and he should practice with friends or family members the back and forth that may occur with various offers. Rehearsing specific phrases and scenarios that might come up help the interviewee become more comfortable with explaining his qualifications, which in turn validates the request of a higher salary by making him appear more confident and deserving of the position. Candidates should not forget that pensions, retirement matching, health insurance, commuting time and other unique factors of the job should be considered as part of the overall compensation.

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