How Do You Negotiate Salary?


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Negotiate a salary by researching the average range, waiting to discuss salary and presenting your proposed salary to the hiring manager. When negotiating the salary, ask the manager other questions such as details about other benefits before asking for a higher salary.

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Doing research gives you an idea of the expected salary range. Some companies include the salary range for a position in the job posting. If this information isn't available, look for the salaries of similar jobs, or call the human resources department to determine the range. Use this information to get a target number before entering negotiations.

Holding off on bringing up the salary shows the potential employer that you care about things other than a paycheck. It also gives you a chance to assess the hiring manager and the company as a whole to gauge the potential for an increase in salary. Once the company gives an offer, ask for a few days to think about it. This provides a chance to research the salary and create a strategy for negotiations.

If the offer is lower than the average for a similar position, let the hiring manager know that you discovered this through your own research. One strategy is to give a specific number. Another approach is simply to ask if the company can make a better offer.

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