How Do You Negotiate a Pay Raise?


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To negotiate a pay raise as an employee, you must first determine your worth based on your contribution to the company. To determine your value to the company, consider your job duties, level of responsibility and professional accomplishments.

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After determining what skills you offer, research the salaries in your field, to determine a reasonable salary range. Then, settle on a number you would feel comfortable with, given your skills and accomplishments. Next, call an official meeting with your supervisor. To further leverage your negotiating power, schedule this meeting after the completion of or your contribution to a project. This ensures that the value of your skills and abilities are fresh in the mind of your supervisor.

During the meeting, frame the negotiation as a partnership, to further express your commitment to the company. Be prepared to list your skills, your level of responsibility, and your professional accomplishments. During the discussion, remember to avoid comparing yourself to your co-workers, or do not threaten to quit if you feel the negotiation going south. Remain professional at all times.

Never be the first party to quote a number. Let your supervisor quote a number first. Should he ask you, redirect the question back to him. Also, be prepared to discuss benefits and other perks, such as shorter hours, more vacation time, or equity. When given an offer, always pause and take time to consider what is being offered. Once you have determined that the offer meets your needs, usually falling into a narrow range, accept the offer.

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