How Do You Negotiate a Debt Settlement?


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To negotiate a debt collection settlement, evaluate your cash flow to calculate the amount you can devote to debt payments, request the debt collector to delete all negative details from your credit records associated with the settled debt and record the full agreement in writing before handing the payment, recommends For Dummies. If the debt collector declines the negotiation, call your creditor to make a deal with that company directly.

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When bargaining a debt settlement, offer smaller amounts at first, and avoid offering more than you can realistically pay, suggests For Dummies. Never share your bank account information or workplace. After agreeing on the settlement amount, make sure your credit history looks clean after the date of settlement. However, take note that the debt collector cannot clear away negative debt details from your credit report during the time when your creditor still handled the debt collection.

Seek help from a consumer law attorney to ensure that the agreement is properly written and to represent you during the negotiation deal if necessary, as For Dummies advises. Debt collection settlement agreements generally contain information about the amount of agreed payment, a lump sum or installment payment, the due date, and the mode of payment. They also state the pledge of the debt collector to report the full payment of the debt to credit bureaus. Moreover, the terms and conditions of breaching the agreement and corresponding consequences are essential parts of debt settlement agreements.

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