How Do You Negotiate?


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To negotiate successfully, make a detailed plan beforehand, set clear negotiation parameters from the start, and frame your position on the issues positively. Never accept the first offer or cave in too quickly, and be gracious to your opponent when the negotiation is over.

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  1. Make a detailed plan beforehand

    Determine your bottom line, and find out if there are any time constraints. Prepare your agenda by outlining what you want and why you are justified in getting it. Then, outline what you believe is your opponent's agenda.

  2. Set clear negotiation parameters

    Set clear parameters, such as a salary range, at the outset of the negotiation. If your opponent is unwilling to negotiate within your parameters, assert that in order for negotiations to continue, your opponent must move his offer into your acceptable range. Do not make a counteroffer until your opponent agrees to negotiate within your parameters.

  3. Frame issues positively

    This helps convince your opponent that accepting your offer is in his best interest. Point out what your opponent gains from the deal and that both parties win by accepting your plan.

  4. Don't cave in too quickly

    Never accept a first offer, and be firm when making counteroffers. Do not adjust your offer by a higher percentage than your opponent.

  5. Be gracious

    Always end negotiations on a friendly note, regardless of success or failure. You may meet the same opponent in future negotiations, and hard feelings put you at a disadvantage.

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