Who Needs to Take the Postal Exam 473?


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Applicants for major entry-level jobs with the United States Postal Service must take Test 473. These positions include city carrier, mail processing clerk, mail handler and sales, services, and distribution associate.

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As of 2015, the USPS Entry-Level Battery 473 contains 5 parts: A, B, C Section 1, C Section 2 and D. In Part A, applicants have 11 minutes to compare 60 addresses, which may contain errors, against a list of correct addresses. Part B tests an applicant's ability to complete commonly used USPS forms. This part has 30 questions and a 15-minute time limit. Sections 1 and 2 of Part C test an applicant's ability to quickly assign delivery route codes to an address. In Section 1, the list of possible codes is visible and in Section 2, applicants must work from memory. Each section contains 36 questions and must be completed in six and seven minutes, respectively. Part D has 236 items focused on the personality and experience of an applicant. This section has a 90-minute time limit.

Passing the USPS Entry-Level Battery 473 is required to move forward in the hiring process, but it does not guarantee employment. Successful applicants are placed on a registry for consideration for open positions.

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