What Is Needed to Start a Sandwich Shop?

needed-start-sandwich-shop Credit: George Doyle/Stockbyte/Getty Images

As with any other kind of business, starting a sandwich shop requires money, resources and the approval of state and/or city officials. The first thing any entrepreneur needs to do before starting a business is to request the appropriate business license and permits.

After acquiring these documents, a sandwich shop owner would then need to contact the state health department to learn which regulations are in place for owning and operating a sandwich shop. Next, the business would then need a location for operations. It is best to choose a highly populated area with minimal competition and a location with affordable rent.

In addition to the building, a sandwich shop requires various kinds of equipment depending on the menu offerings. Also, seating would need to be purchased if the sandwich shop is styled similar to a restaurant. Before opening the sandwich shop, there may also be a need to hire employees. This requires filing additional paperwork with the state and/or city, and possibly even a contract with a payroll company if the owner does not have knowledge of bookkeeping.

There may also be additional costs, such as advertising, signage and supplies. What is needed to open a sandwich shop ultimately depends on the size of the business and business design. To start a sandwich shop without funding, a business plan is needed to apply for a business loan.