What Is Needed to Start a Dry Cleaning Business?

A person needs capital, knowledge of the industry, a business plan, permits, equipment, a box truck and a laundry center to start a dry cleaning business successfully, according to the Houston Chronicle. A business owner also needs marketing skills and tools to advertise the new business.

Studying the industry is imperative before starting a dry cleaning business, notes the Houston Chronicle. A prospective business owner must find out how many competitors are in the area and learn about their services. The business owner needs to select a prime location. Locating a dry cleaning business near office complexes and clinics is suitable, and these type of locations save on delivery expenses.

A detailed business plan is necessary to find out the exact costs of the operation, reports the Houston Chronicle. This plan must include such things as cash flow and equipment. Supplies in the form of bags, tags and hangers are needed.

Owners need to establish payment methods for customers, including a fee structure, states About.com. A pre-payment plan also needs to be established for collection days or holidays.

A person must contact authorities at the state and local levels to get the necessary permits and licenses, claims the Houston Chronicle. He must also obtain an Employer Identification Number from the Internal Revenue Service for hiring employees and creating business accounts.

Hiring staff is vital for managing the store, according to the Houston Chronicle. Specialized workers, such as alteration specialists or truck drivers, may be required as well.