What Is Needed to Become a Certified Nursing Unit Clerk?

What Is Needed to Become a Certified Nursing Unit Clerk?

A certificate or associate degree from an accredited school is required to become a certified nursing unit clerk. Many community colleges offer a nursing unit clerk program as part of an associate degree program as well asprivate schools offer a certificate as part of a health information classes for nursing unit clerks.

Tasks required for nursing unit clerks may range from following up on recording doctors' orders, communicating with staff about tests, being sure all materials are supplied on the unit, transcribing orders electronically and updating patient records.

Depending on the health requirements of the unit, responsibilities can range from admitting patients to the unit, transfer and discharge and scheduling diagnostic tests and special treatments.

Common courses in the study program include:

  • Medical terminology to learn the origins of medical root words, the proper spelling and pronunciation
  • Legal ethics in health care to understand the legal aspects of the doctor-patient relationship
  • Pharmacology to understand the interaction between medications and the human body
  • Health care technology for computer applications in the health care environment. Students learn standard software programs, filing systems, databases and communication systems
  • Human anatomy to understand the function of the human body.

Some of the tasks required by the unit clerk may include scheduling diagnostic tests and special treatments,performing receptions functions, interacting with patient relativesand keeping equipment updated and ordering equipment repairs.