Do You Need a Work Permit in Arizona If You Are Under 18?

Arizona does not require or issue work permits to people under 18 years of age seeking work. Parent or guardian permission is not required for employment, nor does it excuse youths from abiding by Arizona Youth Employment Laws.

All employers are responsible for adhering to federal child labor laws and Arizona Youth Employment Laws, which prevent minors from employment in certain occupations, restrict youths from working during designated hours, limit the number of weekly hours they may work and place other restrictions on youth employment. Employers found in violation are subject to fines of up to $1,000.

Employers are still required to verify the ages of all employees and are subject to penalties if such information is not on file. It is not discriminatory to inquire on the date of birth of prospective youth employees and ask for documentation of their age; only individuals 40 to 70 years of age are protected by law from age discrimination. When conflict arises between state and federal law, the stricter of the two prevails.

Additional information on Youth Employment Laws is available through the Industrial Commission of Arizona. Federal child labor laws are outlined by the Department of Labor's Federal Wage and Hour Division.