What Do You Need to Get a Visa Credit Card From Merrick Bank?


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To apply for an unsecured Visa credit card from Merrick Bank, a person must first receive an invitation with an Acceptance Certificate Number, according to MerrickBank.com. The application is completed online using the Acceptance Certificate sent by Merrick Bank.

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People who wish to rebuild their credit or begin building credit can apply for a secured Visa credit card from Merrick Bank by filling out an online application at MerrickBank.com. This type of card is secured by a security deposit the applicant provides with his application, making the credit limit on the card equal to the amount of the security deposit, notes Merrick Bank.

For either type of card, applicants must provide certain pieces of personal information, states IndexCreditCards.com. This information varies depending on the application, but a typical credit card application includes contact information, birth date, Social Security number, and a series of yes-or-no questions about the user's past credit history, according to the site. Applicants need to provide some financial information, such as employment history, annual household income, current bank accounts, and whether the applicant rents or owns his home along with his monthly housing payment. Applications may also include questions for security features, including an email address and the applicant's mother's maiden name.

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