What Do You Need for Teleconferencing?


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Teleconferencing requires, at a minimum, that attendees have the ability to speak with each other via phone or Internet methods. Some forms of teleconferencing involve video teleconferencing, where each attendee must possess a video camera capable of transmitting video and audio to their computer. What specific equipment is required for a given teleconference depends entirely upon the individual or organization in charge, and what they want the attendees to do.

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What Do You Need for Teleconferencing?
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A myriad of software solutions exist for teleconferencing over the Internet. At its most base level, though, teleconferencing can be accomplished using a simple conference call through land-line or mobile telephones, or through a free software package like Skype. If a teleconference takes place using computers, speakers and a microphone are required for each attendee so that they may hear and speak with each other.

Complex teleconferencing involving video may be accomplished using dedicated software packages. This software is sometimes free, but usually businesses that wish to use it must pay a one-time, monthly or yearly fee. Teleconferencing software usually supports both audio and video teleconferencing, and may require specific hardware or software drivers to be installed on attendee computers. Some types of advanced teleconferencing involve broadcasting one or more attendees computer screens to the group to share information.

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