What Do I Need to Study to Become a Social Worker?

Becoming a social worker requires studying social work in college and beyond. Social work is an undergraduate major at many colleges and universities around the world. It focuses on interaction with troubled individuals and mastering paperwork associated with these topics.

A social worker needs to be well-versed in the administrative and psychological aspects of the tasks associated with this job title. It requires four years of college and a bachelor's degree followed by two years of master's-level work at an accredited university. After that is completed or during that time, a social worker needs to get at least two years of experience working in a clinical setting under the supervision of an accredited social work or therapeutic organization.

Clinical social workers must be accredited by the state in which they practice. Earning this accreditation requires meeting all other criteria and taking a specialized test set by the state. State social workers must meet regular standards and are required to continue meeting new updates in regional codes and laws.

Licensing beyond the state level is handled in levels depending on specialization and experience. Studying additional coursework and taking more regional testing helps social workers reach clinical licensing levels much more quickly.