What Do You Need to Start a Bookkeeping Business?


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To start a bookkeeping business, take a bookkeeping course, register your business, and set up a work area. You also need to advertise your business and send marketing materials to potential customers, advises Maggie McCormick for the Houston Chronicle.

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Most community colleges and online institutions offer bookkeeping courses. Although you do not need to become a certified professional accountant, getting this qualification increases the range of services you can offer. Consult your local licensing department to determine whether you need a license to operate since laws governing bookkeeping vary by state. Set up a work area at home where you can meet with clients. The work area should include comfortable seats for clients and a flexible computer monitor, recommends McCormick.

Create business cards with your contact details and the services you offer. These services may include general recordkeeping, payroll services and tax preparation. Join a local chamber of commerce or contact the owners of new businesses and market your services to them. Schedule about 30 minutes each day to offer free finance consultations to small business owners in your area, suggests McCormick. A bookkeeping business requires minimal startup costs and lets you set your own fees depending on the level of work you do and your location, according to Paul and Sarah Edwards for Entrepreneur.com.

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