Why Do You Need a Printable Payment Receipt?


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Printable payment receipts are used as proof of purchase or ownership of goods and services rendered. Both businesses and consumers use receipts for various reasons.

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Printable payment receipts are used by consumers and businesses to document the receipt of payment for goods or services. For consumers, receipts serve as proof of ownership. If a defective item is returned to a merchant, a customer uses the receipt as proof of purchase in order to obtain a refund, a replacement or an exchange. Businesses use receipts for account management purposes. Incoming payments are tracked and applied to invoices and corresponding business accounts based on the information presented on the receipt. Carefully reviewing the payment receipt minimizes the chance of applying money to the wrong accounts or double-billing clients.

Information listed on payment receipts includes the date of sale, type and quantity of items sold, actual price, applicable taxes or discounts, and final amount. The method of payment as well as salesperson and seller information are generally provided too. Different businesses provide more or less information on a receipt depending upon the goods and services purchased and the type of establishment. Receipts issued by point-of-sale locations include primarily seller information with only a minimum amount of buyer information.

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