How Do You Need to Prepare in High School to Be a Pediatrician?

In preparation for a career as a pediatrician, students should emphasize studies in biology, chemistry, physics and math while in high school. They could also participate in volunteer activities related to medicine and/or children, and look for opportunities to interact with practicing pediatricians as a way of gaining experience in the field.

High school is the basis of a career in pediatrics, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges. At the high school level, earning good grades in courses such as biology, chemistry, math and physics is a good start for aspiring pediatricians. Advanced placement courses in these subjects can be an added advantage. A strong foundation at the high school level helps students to earn acceptance to a good college in preparation for medical school.

Participating in extra-curricular activities while in high school is important for a future career in pediatrics. Students should consider choosing activities that are related to medicine and/or children, as these are the main areas on which pediatricians focus. Students may also choose to engage in volunteer activities that expose them to the medical world. If possible, volunteering at a pediatrician's office can be a great way to acquire basic knowledge about the career.