Do You Need to Pay to Get the W-2 Form Online?

As of 2015, a copy of prior-year W-2 forms can be ordered online through the Internal Revenue Service for a fee. Form 4506 must be filled out to receive a copy of the entire tax return, including Form W-2, according to the IRS.

Some payroll companies offer online W-2 forms. For example, ADP makes W-2 forms available online after January 31 through ADP iPay or the ADP Portal. Paychex, another payroll servicing company, offers online W-2 forms, but only through their eServices platform. Employees whose company does not use eServices are unable to access their W-2s online, reports Paychex.

The Social Security Administration provides free copies of W-2s if they are needed for a Social Security-related reason. Otherwise, the Social Security Administration offers copies of W-2s from 1978 on for a fee of $37 per year requested. Payment for W-2s can be made by check, money order or credit card, states the Social Security Administration.