What Do You Need to Know for New Hire Orientation?


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A new employee needs to know when and where the new hire orientation takes place, as well as the agenda and types of activities planned for the meeting. Knowing the specifics allows the new employee to dress appropriately, come prepared and arrive on time.

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The new hire orientation typically takes place on the first day of work for a new employee. This means the employee may not be familiar with the layout of the building and the security or check-in protocols for the company. Arriving early allows time to find the place of the orientation.

The employee needs to know if she needs to complete any tasks or bring anything specific to the orientation. The company might require certain paperwork beforehand. If the new hire received a handbook, she may need to bring it to the orientation. A notebook and pen also come in handy for taking notes on the information presented. Showing up prepared makes a positive first impression on the new employer.

Having a schedule of the orientation helps the new employee plan for the session. If the orientation lasts all day, the employee might want to pack snacks. The company might cater lunch for the group, or new employees may be responsible for their own lunches.

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