Do You Need Medicare Part B When You Have VA Benefits?


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If an individual receives Veterans' benefits, enrolling in Medicare Part B may provide him with additional location and service options, according to Medicare. If an individual doesn't enroll, he may have to pay a late enrollment penalty as well as wait to sign up later.

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If a late enrollment penalty is applied, the Medicare Part B monthly premium goes up 10 percent for each full 12-month period that the individual could have had Medicare Part B and did not enroll, according to Medicare. Medicare Part B covers services and supplies that are considered medically necessary to treat a condition or disease according to Medicare.gov. This includes services such as surgeries, lab tests and doctor visits, and supplies such as walkers and wheelchairs.

Medicare Part B covers both medically necessary services and preventative services, according to Medicare. Preventative services include health care both to prevent illness or to detect it at an early stage when treatment works best. Most preventative services are free of charge provided that the health care provider accepts assignment, according to Medicare. Medicare Part B covers mental health treatment including inpatient, outpatient and partial hospitalization care. Individuals who receive Medicare Part B as part of a Medicare Advantage plan might have different rules from a Medicare Part B plan, however, Medicare Advantage plans must provide at least the same coverage as Original Medicare.

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