What Do You Need to Learn to Get a Diploma in Nursing?


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To get an associate or bachelor's degree in nursing, students must learn about medical-surgical nursing, which prepares them for taking care of adult patients, and nursing pharmacology, which teaches them about various medications, explains Study.com. Aspiring nurses also learn about health promotion, mental health nursing, maternity nursing and nursing management.

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The medical-surgical nursing course also involves the study of treatment of disorders affecting different body systems, such as the respiratory, neurological and musculoskeletal systems, states Study.com. Additionally, the course teaches students on proper ways to take care of patients going through surgery. The nursing pharmacology course allows students to learn about the classifications, effects and administration methods of different drugs.

Another essential course in a nursing degree program is the health promotion course, in which aspiring nurses learn about preventing diseases through proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle, notes Study.com. Nursing students expand their knowledge about the right care for patients with mental illnesses through the mental health nursing course. They study the correct diagnosis of psychiatric disorders and create appropriate treatment plans.

The maternity nursing course covers the overall well-being of pregnant and postpartum patients and their families, while the nursing management course fosters the leadership and interpersonal skills of students to help them manage other medical personnel, according to Study.com. Aspiring nurses acquire first-hand clinical experience throughout a degree program.

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