Do You Need a Lawyer If Your Landlord Tries to Evict You Without a Notice?


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A tenant who has been evicted with or without notice is not required to have a lawyer in court. Information about going to court without a lawyer and forms that assist the tenant in making a case can be found online, according to Pine Tree Legal Assistance.

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A landlord cannot begin the legal process of eviction without legal notice of termination, states NOLO. However, some tenants are summoned to civil or small claims court without receiving notice from a landlord when the landlord initiates an unlawful detainer lawsuit. Each state has its own strict set of landlord-tenant laws that delineate both parties' rights and obligations in an eviction case.

To make a case against a landlord in court, bring along any pictures, written information and communications, and witnesses who can help tell an accurate story, advises Pine Tree Legal Assistance.

The tenant and landlord can reach a settlement before involving the judge, and in that case, both parties should put the settlement in writing and sign the document to give to the judge when their case is called.

Some states hold mandatory mediation prior to a court hearing. In this case, the tenant and the landlord meet with a mediator, who attempts to help the parties come to a solution, states Pine Tree Legal Assistance.

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