What Do You Need to Create a Restaurant Business Plan?

People creating restaurant business plans need executive summaries, company descriptions, market analyses and information regarding business operations and management, notes About.com. While all business plans share some common elements, those writing restaurant business plans must be sure to include information specific to the industry.

A person writing an executive summary for a restaurant business plan needs background information on the business idea, such as the style of restaurant, the name and the location, explains About.com. People should include employees' restaurant and cooking experience in this section and prepare to explain why they are well-suited to run a restaurant. The company description must include detailed information regarding the population base of the restaurant's location, an analysis of competition and any other relevant research.

People need marketing strategies around customer bases, competition and branding to write restaurant business plans, reports About.com. These strategies should include target audiences, explanations as to why patrons choose that particular type of restaurant, analyses of competing restaurants and plans to market to core audiences. Someone writing a restaurant business plan must also know specifics about business operations, such as hours open, number of employees and advantages such as a prime location. He must also know who runs the day-to-day operations of the restaurant and the roles of each employee, and he should include this information in the business plan.