What Is an NCIC Background Check?

Law enforcement personnel can run a National Crime Information Center background check to find out information about someone, such as if that person is wanted for a crime. This background check also provides images, when available, of people and property.

When running an NCIC background check, police officers or other law enforcement personnel can access information about stolen goods, boats, guns, license plates, parts, securities and vehicles. They can also access person-specific information, such as if that person is on supervised release or the national sex offender registry, a missing or unidentified person, a member of the U.S. Secret Service Protective or a gang member. The database lists foreign fugitives, immigration violators, known or suspected terrorists, wanted criminals and known violent persons. The database also identifies people who have protective orders, who have been the victims or perpetrators of identity theft and people who cannot be looked up using the National Instate Criminal Background Check System.