Who Are Some Nationwide Trucking Companies in the US?

Who Are Some Nationwide Trucking Companies in the US?

Trucking and freight companies that offer nationwide service within the United States include UPS, FedEx, J.B. Hunt Transport and Werner Enterprises, as of 2015. Each company works with businesses to move inventory and develop systems to track the progress of freight shipments throughout the process, including tools for managing the orders and modifying deliveries as necessary.

UPS offers Less-Than-Truckload and Full-Truckload shipping to business customers in order to provide the widest range of services. Each method features different requirements for shipments, most of which involve the size, quantity and weight of the products, to allow customers access to flexible options depending on their needs.

FedEx also offers similar services for its freight customers, allowing businesses to ship large or small quantities of products across the country. Customers can also manage orders and track shipments through FedEx.com after creating a special business account and linking it to all current orders.

J.B. Hunt Transport specializes in nationwide freight shipments and helping companies manage the logistics of the process. It features multiple shipping methods to match the quantity and frequency of the client's loads while providing a suite of tools and access to support agents to empower customers to manage the process themselves.

Werner Enterprises also employs logistics support agents to help customers choose the right shipping method depending on the nature of the freight. It helps customers manage freight shipments across each stage of the process, including the warehouse locations.